Driving through the country recently, I was delighted with the leaves blowing around on the road in front of my car - it looked like they were dancing! It was a reminder that even small things can bring joy. I am thankful in this Thanksgiving season for small joys as well as the larger blessings.

About a month ago our washer quit. While we waited for the arrival of a new one, I went to the laundromat to wash our clothes. I remember going with my Mom sometimes when I was growing up. This is our local one. I met some nice people there, but usually I was the only one.

Washing clothes reminds me that Jesus is the only one that can cleanse us from our sin. He has the clean water and detergent. All we have is filthy, dirty water so can never get clean on our own. We need to give ourselves to Jesus and trust Him do the washing.

A corn field brings reminders of home to me. I grew up in a corn growing state, and currently live in another corn growing state.

With a white oil pastel and watercolor, I tried to mimic the batik technique. Practice is still needed, but I’m putting this painting out anyway because the thought that goes with it is important.

I’ve been thinking a lot about butterflies lately and I feel like we are cocooning during this COVID-19 shelter in place time we are in. Maybe you do, too. When we finally are free again, I imagine we’ll be like these butterflies that are just flying wherever they want. My prayer is that we, as individuals, as families, as a nation, and as the body of Christ, come out of this experience more beautiful than we went in.