Healer 2

I had trouble coming up with a new idea for a painting so thought I would try Healer again. This one is watercolor and Prismacolor. The healing process is visible in this one.

Exodus 15:22-26 tells about a place that had bitter waters. What a thing to find after traveling three days in the desert! The people grumbled and God showed Moses a tree. He was to throw this tree into the water. When he did, the waters became fit to drink!

He told the Hebrews if they paid attention to God’s decrees and commandments, He would not bring on them the diseases He had brought on the Egyptians when they were slaves in Egypt. “For I, the LORD, am your healer.”

This makes me think if He can heal water, He can heal anything. We pray often for physical healing, but He desires to provide spiritual healing most of all. I pray that for you.