After some recent reading, I was reminded of the twelve spies in the Bible who were sent to look over the land of Canaan in Numbers 13:1-14:9. All twelve saw that the land was good, that the people were powerful, and that they lived in fortified cities.

With this painting, I tried liquid watercolor as well as pan watercolor and watercolor pencils, and Prismacolor pencils.

Many memories are associated with this old barn. Probably my favorite is when one of our cats would have kittens in the haymow and our job was to find and play with them so they would be tame. The cat in the doorway is in homage to that.


When I first chose the photo for this painting, I didn’t notice the insect on the flower. When I did, it became the basis for the thought for this painting.

Two Kids In A Tree

Just a fun one from years gone by. The four year old had climbed in the tree and we must have thought ‘Let’s take a photo!’ and put the two year old in the crook of the tree.