Up until now, rubber cement is all I have used to make a watercolor resist painting, but I have recently discovered masking fluid! It is so much easier to use to protect very small areas from paint. And a glue eraser is what I used to take it off easily. I had fun trying both on this painting.

About the name El Shaddai. Perhaps you have heard a song with this title. It is usually translated ‘God Almighty.’ It is first used in the Bible when God made His covenant with Abraham. First, He told Abraham His name. Then He established His covenant with Abraham, and changed his name from Abram, ‘exalted father’ to Abraham, ‘father of a multitude.’ Remember, Abraham and Sarah hadn’t had the promised child (Isaac) yet. Genesis 17:1-8 is where God talks to Abraham about the covenant He is making with him.

The idea is that God is the All-Sufficient One, the One Who keeps covenant with His people and provides for them. It was explained to me as His ‘denim and lace’ name, strong yet tender. His provision is abundant and tenderly given. Think of a nursing mother. She has all the baby needs, and gives abundantly and tenderly to her child.