I was painting flowers for practice and had so much fun painting the clover, I decided to make a painting of it. Bees seemed a natural fit.

I started this painting two or three times with just trees, but it needed something more. So I tried another painting and added a squirrel. It is a more interesting painting, but the squirrel isn’t in the thought.

I’m putting this up on Veteran’s Day to thank all the veterans for their service to our country. Thank you for the freedoms that you have fought and served for, for all of us.

With this painting, I tried an animal for the first time. Also making the background in three pieces instead of all together. I’m hoping it gives a bit of interest. This is based on the donkey at our local petting park. On to the thought. . .

Soon after leaving bondage in Egypt, the Israelite people got thirsty and complained. God instructed Moses to strike the rock at Horeb to get water for the people, and Moses did. And there was water for everyone. (Exodus 17:6)