While recently reading Joshua 17, I decided iron chariots would be a major part of the thought, so I looked for chariots online. This is part of one I found. Learn more about this chariot here.

I didn’t expect this painting to look like a stained glass window. To get this effect, I used masking fluid for the lines, then added colors that aren’t in the original, just to play with color.

In Joshua 17:14-18, the sons of Joseph were apportioned a valley in their part in the Promised Land. They asked for more land partly because the people in that valley had iron chariots.

Joshua told them they could have the hill country too, but he also told them they could conquer the people in the valley even though they had iron chariots. They had the command from God to do that, so Joshua knew He would help them. And later on in Judges 4:12-16 we learn that God can and will help His people, even when the enemy has iron chariots.

By saying ‘the people have iron chariots’ it seems to me that the sons of Joseph were relying on their own strength instead of God’s. Joshua acknowledged the challenges, but his faith was in God.

When, not if, God asks you to do something hard in the coming year, are you (and I) going to think ‘I can’t’ or ‘I can, even though’ - with faith in the One Who wants to help us meet the challenges head on?