Our lesson in Sunday School this week was on Paul’s sermon during the meeting of the Areopagus on Mars Hill in Athens. The Areopagus could either be the name of a place or the name of a council that meets there.

I don’t know if this building is it or not, but I liked the composition, so decided to try and make it into a painting. It is on Mars Hill, evidently. If I ever visit there, I would try to envision Paul speaking to a crowd. For the painting, I used watercolor, with a little watercolor pencil and Prismacolor pencils to finish it off.

While Paul waited for friends to meet him in Athens, he looked around the city. He saw many statues of the gods the Athenians worshipped. In case they had missed one, they even had one TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. When Paul saw this he decided to introduce them to the Creator of the universe. In his sermon in Acts 17:22-31, he stated that God is not made with human hands, but is real and has given life to each one of us and that His desire is for us to seek Him and find Him. He also told of the need for repentance. When he got to the resurrection of Jesus, they stopped him and said they would hear him later. He got far enough into his sermon, though, that some people believed.