Power Pole

The idea for this painting came from part of a song called ‘He Has Formed Me’ written by Annie Herring and recorded by 2nd Chapter of Acts in 1986.

Whimsical Water

Wanting to try painting water, I looked through my photos and found this one that I took in Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. The water didn’t turn out very realistic, but I think it is kind of whimsical. 

Teton Horses

As we were headed back to the airport from Yellowstone National Park, we drove through Grand Teton National Park and came across this scene. I wouldn’t mind living there! Nature is amazing and makes me appreciate the Creator even more. Have a blessed day!

Canyon Flowers

My husband likes to take photos of small things like flowers. A few years ago we went to the Grand Canyon and took the photos you’d expect trying to capture the massiveness of the canyon - which can’t be done. On one of our hikes along the rim, he found these flowers among the rocks and snapped a photo. I thought I’d see if I could make it into a painting!


Our lesson in Sunday School this week was on Paul’s sermon during the meeting of the Areopagus on Mars Hill in Athens. The Areopagus could either be the name of a place or the name of a council that meets there.