Power Pole

The idea for this painting came from part of a song called ‘He Has Formed Me’ written by Annie Herring and recorded by 2nd Chapter of Acts in 1986.

Listen here.

This is the last stanza:

       And the sun will never rise again

       For He will be my light

       My heart will never, never,

       Never break His heart again. 

My favorite part is the last two lines, ‘My heart will never, never, Never break His heart again.’ How I long for that day because I know I fail God daily!

My thought process amazes me sometimes, but when reading the first two lines I thought of electricity and how mankind has made light where there was only darkness before.  In heaven, God will be the light so we will not need the sun, or electricity, or candles, etc.  Revelation 21:23 tells us this. Also, in James 1:17 God is called the Father of lights.

Are you living in the Light?