I wanted to paint rope and decided to make it into an alphabet. Being able to read and write makes me so thankful for letters and the many ways they can be arranged to form words. I’m also thankful that I grew up in a place where reading is taught widely. It is such an awesome skill to have!

I’m looking forward to a family reunion with the youngest three of these and the rest of my grandparents' descendants this summer, so I chose this photo to paint! My father is the figure in the center of the painting.

Realizing I like to paint stone, and recently reading about the Ten Commandments in the Bible, I thought I would give painting these special tablets a try. 

After looking at my treatment of hands in Praise With Strings, I decided that some hand practice is needed. Having recently enjoyed a visit with my Mom, I photographed her hands and painted them. They show hard work, and even the hint of denim in the blue is very appropriate for her. Here is a poem in her honor:

Since the photo I used is in black and white, I wanted to try keeping most of the painting that way while just making the guitar in color.  I'm trying to decide if I like this technique.