The art guild I belong to is having a Christmas party and this is my entry into the Christmas card contest. I pray the message is true for you.

In this painting, the water was painted first, then the otter was drawn on top with alcohol markers. So, I got practice painting water, and tried alcohol markers, too.

The only thought I had about otters is that they are playful. Life has been so serious lately, necessarily so, but I want to put a reminder of something fun into your day. The God Who made the otter is still in control of this globe, and the universe. We don’t always (or often) know His purposes for what is happening, but we can trust Him.

 Giving credit where credit is due - the photo used for the otter can be viewed here.

I wanted to paint rope and decided to make it into an alphabet. Being able to read and write makes me so thankful for letters and the many ways they can be arranged to form words. I’m also thankful that I grew up in a place where reading is taught widely. It is such an awesome skill to have!

This is a sample of the painting I’ve been doing in this month of December 2020 - bookmarks for the residents of the assisted living center in our town.  I enjoyed making 70 original bookmarks for them.

The message on the back comes from Luke 2:9-11

I’m looking forward to a family reunion with the youngest three of these and the rest of my grandparents' descendants this summer, so I chose this photo to paint! My father is the figure in the center of the painting.