Next exercise - copy a master’s work. While this was not what I started out to do, I found a public domain painting with a girl who reminded me of - me!

I was able to make a decent drawing with the help of the computer and transfer it to paper. It is twice the size of my usual paintings and is as close as I could get to the original size using what I have on hand. Getting the colors right, or close anyway, was the hardest part. Made harder by using white watercolor paper while Homer used wove paper that started out as brown or has turned brown.  I also noticed how splashes of color give the impression of the object without having a lot of detail.

This attempt to copy a master’s work is not a perfect re-creation, but I think it is recognizable as Girl Carrying a Basket by Winslow Homer (view it here). In the same way, I’m trying to learn how to live this Christian life by looking at the Master, Jesus. He gave the Bible telling what He wants me to know about Himself and that’s what I try to go by. My life won’t be perfect this side of heaven, but I pray that He is becoming more recognizable in me as time goes on.  (I am forever thankful that my salvation depends on His saving work on the cross and not my attempts to live a holy life.  Rather, my attempts are in thankfulness for the grace extended to me.)