three nativities

This is the time of year I get to put my nativity sets on display. Many are out because I think they are cute or whatever. These three are special, though.

The carving at the top is made from olive wood from Israel, and carved there, too.

The middle three pieces were my great aunt’s. I remember having this set up when I was growing up. After our fire in 1993, my mom gave me this set.  It has been stored with the other pieces in a matchbox with tissues between as far back as I can remember, and is still (same matchbox and tissues). 

The one in the lower left represents a whole set with shepherds, wise men, camels, etc. that my mother-in-law painted for us when she was doing ceramics years ago. The white swaddle is actually a piece of cloth, not ceramic.

Christmas represents to me the beginning of God’s redemption story that was finally provided for through Christ’s Good Friday sacrifice and proven it was sufficient by raising Him from the dead on Easter.

The Bibles in the painting tell the whole story.